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dancing queen mireia planas art
About me
Artist statement
mireia planas art

My art has been my way of sharing with the world my particular point of view, what I see as beautiful, and what lies in my mind. Through a mixed media process that I normally like to crown with oil painting, I put on paper, panels, or canvas all my thoughts. Both painting and writing are my medicines for everything that goes on in my life. 

There are a few things that inspire my paintings. The main ones are women because I know there is a different strength within us that makes us all unique and special and worth exploring and knowing more about. I speak about being positive in a world that sometimes makes it difficult, about having in mind what really matters and believing in oneself. Also, I feel inspired by those places that have a place in my heart, such as British Columbia, New York, or Barcelona. Lastly, I would say colors inspire me, as I can give them a lot of meanings I may be inventing and I love doing that.


If you are here you may actually be interested in what I have to say, so I'll tell you a little bit more about me. I don't think that what defines me are my studies or what I currently work in, so I am not going to say much about that. I'll tell you I graduated in Hospitality Management and this has allowed me to work and study in different countries. I have enjoyed working in the hospitality industry and that has helped me a lot to overcome shyness and introversion, making me become the close and friendly woman I consider myself to be.


I had to change my path though.


At 23 years old, I was found to have a brain tumor that was benign but big enough to create a lot of trouble. After a complicated and not very lucky surgery, I lost my left hearing, and some vision, lost control of parts of my body, and had to learn again to do simple things such as walking or talking. 

It took me about three years to be me again. After that, I didn't feel like going back to hospitality as it asked a lot of me and my perspective in life had changed. I did not want to be 24/7 available to work. I wanted time to be with my family and to do what I really loved doing.


I had two years of trying this new life concept until bad news got me again. My tumor had regrown and I needed to go to the surgery room again. It was a huge setback. Luckily, that surgery was successful, but it took an important part of me: my face. Not the whole face, but the left side, which is paralyzed, and this also affects my left eye vision. It worked, but I always see so blurry that things everything looks a little bit deformed.


Now, more than ever, I see the importance of being true to myself and spending my time doing what I enjoy and with those I love.

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