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The first painting I have ever sold

Updated: May 2

painting sold

I love the first painting I sold. My mum chose the theme and, although it was still October, she chose Christmas. I know she wanted something more green and red, more following the Christmas colors and spirit, but I did what I always do and chose blue as my main color. And a night mystical scene to let my imagination break free.

The source

I am kind of a control freak, so I almost always use a source to paint. The only times I don't are because I want to experiment, and I rarely like the outcome.

The source of the first painting I have ever sold

This is my three-easy-step process for producing sources:

  1. I go to Pinterest and start searching and losing myself scrolling down the page, getting inspired by so many pictures and saving some of them to put together and create the painting. I like choosing dreamy misty almost fantastic backgrounds, mostly nights, starry skies, and full moon.

  2. I take all the pictures I have and mix them up using my two favorite tools in Photoshop: layers and rubber. 

  3. I play around until I have the image I want to paint.

The underpainting

For this concrete painting I used a projector to draw the image on a 350g cotton paper of 80x60cm. I never go too accurate when drawing, just some here and there graphite lines to guide me later on when I apply colors. It usually takes me around five minutes if I use a projector, and around ten if I don't, mostly because I always need to draw a grid first to keep the proportions correct.

Once I have the drawing, I use inks if I have them (at that moment I only had the turquoise acrylic ink by Liquitex, which I LOVE), and very watery acrylics.

The end of the painting

This painting is all in acrylics. I would say that my process when creating art, more than the tools I use, is working in layers. Layers map the path of my painting process, they tell me what to do next.

As I painted the piece on paper, I decided to frame it. I bought a green wood frame but, as I didn't like the color, I spray-painted it in gold.

What the painting being sold meant to me

I sold that painting two weeks after creating it, by showing it in my mum's shop. When I gave her the piece, I told her it would sold when a kid would fall in love with it. And this is exactly what happened.

I feel so thankful for that kid because the fact that she loved my painting made me feel appreciated and seen. I wanted magic to happen with that piece, and I wanted it to be about the magical time of the year Christmas is for everyone, but mostly for kids. 

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