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My 6 top Instagram accounts from artists that inspire me every day

Updated: May 2

instagram artists inspire

There are some artists who inspire me when I scroll down my Instagram feed. They are Rita Vicari, Tahlia Stanton, Helena Bednorz Klaus, Jessi Dahlquist, Judith Miau and Ame Soler (Tres Voltes Rebel).

Rita Vicari

I first saw Rita looking at the Milan Art Mastery Program, as she is one of the mentors there. Actually, it was through a video where she showed her start-to-end process creating art. Checking at her work, I knew I wanted to try mixed media.

Clicking here you can find the bio she has on her website.

I find her work very unique, as it looks kind of simple due to its white clean background, but also it is so rich with vibrant colors and textures. Her paintings have that special attribute that makes them seem easy (not the realist skintone, though, or the portrait itself), but there is nothing easy in them. Everything has a purpose, each line, each dot, they add to a whole composition that looks complete. Although I love most of her paintings, there are three of them that I would call my favourite ones. They are part of her WOMEN-INSPIRED: BOLD AND EMPOWERED collection: New World, Only and ever love and Ready or not.

Tahlia Stanton

Tahlia Stanton is a very young successful artist from Australia. I felt in love with her whole aesthetic. She is not only a great painter, but she also knows how to create a whole special look for everything that tells you she's been there. Her paintings are magical, every one of her colors and brushtrokes have a specific intention and you can see it in each artwork.

These are my three top paintings from Tahlia Stanton: The Beauty of Imperfect Things, Light Up the Sky and Sejourner.

Helena Bednorz Klaus

Helena B Klaus has a very different approach to art than mine. She doesn't use much color, just splashes of it and with a lot of intention. I have tried to create art that looks like hers, but it is totally impossible for me. She paints, but mostly she draws. And she is super talented in doing so.

These are my three top paintings from Helena B Klaus: Lifetime of vanilla sky, Die Frau mit Hunden and Calm down party.

Jessi Dahlquist

I first saw Jessi in The Outstanding Artist reality show from Milan Art Institute. I instantly loved the say she paints, I thought she is one of the most original painters I've seen. I love the way she uses bright fluorescent colors and abstract patterns all the way around.

These are my three top paintings from Jessi Dahlquis: Leader-ship, Baby you will fly and Arise and shine.

Judit Miau

Judit Miau is a young Catalan artist. Her style is more simple, more like a sketch or a drawing, to which sometimes she adds some color. She paints really intimate moments, and her topics go around feminism, mental health or social problems. She tarted in La Madriguera, an art studio by Paula Bonet, also a very talented artist.

My three top paintings from Judit Miau are: Ojo, De espacio and Cistitis.

Tres Voltes Rebel, Ame Soler

Ame's Soler artistic name is Tres Voltes Rebel. She does mores illustrations than fine art, but I think she is the first artist I started following on social media. She is from Valencia, and very compromized in social topics, mostly feminism. The technique she uses the most is watercolor, something I have always had problems using. Maybe this is the reason I admire watercolor so much. She uses portraits to express messages, putting with them strong words mostly from Catalan musicians.

These are my three top paintings from Tres Voltes Rebel: Bruixes, Mama quiero ser libre and Cossos.

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