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Music and podcasts I like to listen when painting

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music podcasts

I need to hear music, podcasts, or something when I paint. It stimulates my brain and helps me focus on my work. Also, these are sources of creativity or inspiration. I also have to say that I like playing it loud, as I want people to know I am painting and not open to having a conversation at the moment. I am one of those people that cannot do two things at a time. So I cannot paint and talk at the same time, and if I do it, I will do one of the two things poorly.

So voices like Billy Eilish's, Noah Kahan's, or Jodie King's are the ones that come with me when I step into my world and cover myself in paint.

Music and podcasts: music

First I'll talk about my music. Down here, I link my Spotify list for painting, which I update all the time.

However, I am not someone who sticks to the same music all the time.

I have my playlist, but it also goes a lot depending on what I am painting, how I want to apply the paint, or just my mood.

This playlist for painting is made by acoustic music, more alternative maybe, but relaxing.

I do have a lot of songs, but I also have some favorite artists at the moment:

  • Billie Eilish: my favorite songs at the moment are Wildflower and L'Amour de Ma Vie

  • Taylor Swift: my favorite song is Anti-Hero

  • Miley Cyrus: my favorite songs are Angels Like You or her version of Nothing Else Matters

  • London Grammar: my favorite song is Hey Now Favourite at the moment and forever in my favorites list.

I also have a list of songs that I consider to be the most motivational songs of all, like Hungry Eyes by Eric Carmen or Africa from TOTO.

Music and podcasts: podcasts

Podcasts are for when I am not proactive in listening and to stay present than when I choose to listen to music. As I like to really use them to learn something or get inspired or motivated, I need to be able to have enough mental energy to focus on painting, hearing, and understanding.

Honest Art Podcast with Jodie King

Both to learn about making art and the business of it and to get motivated, there is the Honest Art Podcast. Jodie King is an abstract artist who has a very fun way of talking about things, she puts everything as it is, and I really appreciate it.

Light Movement Podcast and Milan Art Institute

Milan Art Institute YouTube channel and the workshops from Art Social (when it was opened) are, for me, some of the most resourceful tools I have used self-learning how to do art.

I like the podcast Light Movement, also from Milan Art Institute, to get inspired and motivated, as well as all the videos and resources that are not actual classes of art techniques or business oriented. However, when listening to the Milan family talking, I have to remind myself that they are a family. What do I want to say about that? They have succeeded in doing what they love because they are talented (of course) but also because they are family. I guess it is easier to get noticed when your family is already in the art industry and have authority there.

Again, I don't want to deny their talent (Dimitra is one of my favorite artists), but to keep in mind that they are talking from their own reality, that is not mine.

Self-Taught Artist with Lauren Kristine

I enjoyed the Self Taught Artist Podcast because Lauren Kristine makes it approachable to artists who are starting or want to start in the business. She covers very interesting topics, things that we all ask ourselves as very new emerging artists.

Fiction Writing Made Easy with Savannah Gilbo

Apart from painting, I love writing as much, so I enjoy listening to tips or interesting conversations about this art. Fiction Writing Made Easy is the first writing podcast I have been able to listen to. I find it hard to stick to an entire episode about writing, but with Savannah Gilbo is just so easy!

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