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Choosing the Right Art for my Bedroom

choosing art bedroom

Choosing the right art for my bedroom has not been easy. Well, I had never wondered if what I had there was good or wrong. I hang paintings in all the wall space I see available because, that way, I can have some of my work out of the studio and have more space.

But now I want to change this. My boyfriend and I did make a great effort with that room and I don't want to convert it into a storage room.

Our new bedroom

choosing art bedroom

It was a tiny space furnished years ago by other people, and we wanted it to be more our taste, more ours. It had a big built-in wardrobe and we started by taking it out. We visited a shop that did and sold built-in wardrobes and bought a whole set of new furniture for us. That way, we decided on the color palette for our bedroom: off-white wood and turquoise.

My boyfriend also raised the roof with some help, arranged new lighting and, when the furniture arrived, we had already painted.

My bedroom art until now

Before starting to paint more seriously, I painted a triptych that would go above our headboard. Carlos, my boyfriend, and I decided the topic: we wanted it to represent the places we are more attached to:

  • Vancouver Island: I lived in Victoria BC for a year, and my dream is to go back there someday, maybe to spend a longer time (30x90cm).

  • Barcelona: we are from Barcelona, we love Barcelona. Barcelona connects us. welcomes us...  (90x90cm).

  • Chicago: Carlos lived there also for a year. As an architect, this city has a lot to offer him and he would like to show me this place where he learned so much (30x90cm).

Although I could paint, I didn't know about mediums or styles. So I did each painting in a very different style and color palette.

A little later on, I started painting much more seriously, and I learned and acquired some better taste (not a lot better, but enough to say that tryptic was not good at all). Also, I started hanging paintings that would fit the walls without thinking if they were good there.

Choosing the right Art for my Bedroom

As I said, I need this to change. I need to choose art that fits and belongs to my bedroom.

In my case, I am talking about my art here. Right now, I can't afford to buy a lot, neither have the space to hang it properly.

As I said, the bedroom is small. With the triptych above the headboard, it would be enough. So I am working in a new triptych, trying to think of the next guidances I concluded on how to choose the best art for my bedroom:

  • Of course, my budget limited the search for my work.

  • Consider the space. I have a small room and some white walls that I can fill. I saw once advice from some design blog that said that a painting should fill two-thirds or three-quarters of an empty wall. I think putting just the triptych will be fine.

  • Also, and what I decided that it was more important here, was the mood I wanted to express. We are talking about the bedroom, a place that should be peaceful, and relaxed. I wanted something soothing and light and not the dark paintings we had before.

My Triptic

So I am working now on a new triptych that is much better than the one we had before. I have chosen a color palette that is much more according to our bedroom and that also is more light and soothing: white, ochre and gold, and blue.

My Barcelona

  • This is the name of the painting in the middle, which I have just finished. I think it is a great painting. It is 90x90cm, kind of abstract, but you can find some figures. On one hand, there is the Barceloneta beach, with the W Barcelona hotel in the middle. On the other hand, there is the face of a woman. She looks like a goddess, emerging from the moody abstract sky behind the hotel.

Although I could paint, I didn't know about mediums or styles. So I did each painting in a very different style and color palette.

choosing art bedroom

I used to work in the W Hotel. I spent around a year and a half and, although I know it is not a long time, I feel like I lived a lot there. I learned a lot about myself and about life, I met a lot of interesting people, the good memories of the ones I will always carry with me. Also, I was there when I heard I had

That is what the painting means to me. My personal growth working in the W Barcelona and living in La Barceloneta. As a bonus, Carlos is an architect and he took me once to visit the studio house of the great and famous architect of the W Barcelona, Ricard Bofill.

I hope I can show you soon the whole triptych!


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