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Finding your voice and style in your artistic journey

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finding voice style

Finding your voice and style is a part of your artistic journey and it is not easy. I know what I want to say, what I like. I also know what I want to express and how I would like people to feel when they look at my art.

This is a post that is kind of my road map to understand what drives me, what I am more attracted to, and what elements I want to commonly use to express myself.

When I think about finding my voice and style i think about...

There is a lot of information on the Internet about how to find your voice and style as an artist. Youtube videos, podcasts, blog posts... I guess all artists are trying to share what has worked for them, and I am non-stop feeding from their advice to use it for my personal growth as an artist.

There is a piece of advice that really got me. It was on a video from Milan Art Institute, I will leave it here so you can check it if you want:

To make a very summarized explanation of the main descriptions, Dimitra and Jake define the next topics:

  • STYLE is more visual, and it is a combination of PERSONAL AESTHETIC + TASTE + PROCESS.

  • VOICE is more insightful, it is your why, why you make art, and what do you want to express...

  • PROCESS is how you make your source, your materials, how you lay down your paint...

  • PERSONAL AESTHETIC is what you find beautiful, it is kind of your Pinterest board.

  • TASTE - it is kind of your aesthetic but it can evolve, it is like your aesthetic evolution.

So, when I think about finding my voice and style I think I have to define these points, make them my own, and have them clear in my mind and present while working

Let's go for style and taste

I start this exercise by going to my own Pinterest board and looking at what images I do beautiful and normally safe.

I find here a romantic-vintage style, with nude and earthy tones and some violet. Also, I can say I like a more natural look and also silvester plants and flowers like lavender or daisies.

finding voice and style

After that, I go check thr artists that I like and I make this selection:

I used as examples some of the artworks I would definitely hang at home. They are from Rita Vicari, Tahlia Stanton, Dimitra Milan, Caroline Wendelin and Victoria Park.

and some more about the process

I like starting with charcoal or markers to set the initial sketch. I normally use a projector, but sometimes I don't have it that handy and I don't. 

After that, I normally throw some inks or watery transparent acrylics. Sometimes, I also use spray paint.  

If I do collage, I do it then or before this last step.

Then, I use acrylic paint, first transparent and then more opaque. This way, I can set more visually the image I am going to paint.

If I do golden leaf, I do it then. Also, if I apply any kind of modeling paste.

And now, I go for oils. Sometimes oil pastels first.

Let's go for voice

For the voice, I will use my artist statement:

My art has been my way of sharing with the world my particular point of view, what I see as beautiful, and what lies in my mind. Through a mixed media process that I normally like to crown with oil painting, I put on paper, panels, or canvas all my thoughts. Both painting and writing are my medicines for everything that goes on in my life. 

There are a few things that inspire my paintings. The main ones are women because I know there is a different strength within us that makes us all unique and special and worth exploring and knowing more about. I speak about being positive in a world that sometimes makes it difficult, about having in mind what really matters and believing in oneself. Also, I feel inspired by those places that have a place in my heart, such as British Columbia, New York, or Barcelona. Lastly, I would say colors inspire me, as I can give them a lot of meanings I may be inventing and I love doing that.

My conclusion

I think that, while I have a clear aesthetic, I end up liking so many different things, and this goes a lot with my mood.

What I do end up figuring out is that I am more inclined to like light colors or plain white as my main background. 

I need nude and whites, as well as many more neutrals than I normally use. I need more atmospheric sense and more magic in my paintings, I want to give them more natural tones and lower a little bit the contrast. I also think that I like bigger canvases to paint on, more like the one I am using right now which is 70x100cm. I think there are some things I need to keep working on while planning the painting, such as diminishing the darkness and setting much more neutral colors, but I am happy with the painting I am working on now, with the elements and colors I have used and how I have applied the paint.

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