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An exposition that connected me back to music

exposition music

On April 6th, I had the honor to have some of my work shown at an exposition that connected me - and everyone else present - back to music. I should have published this post many weeks ago, but I have had some trouble writing for not knowing exactly what to say. I decided that it would be better to give myself some more time to think it over and cool it off a little. Also, due to some health issues I have explained before, my eye doesn't let me write in front of a screen a lot of time, and I needed to organize my day a little bit better. 

Pintura i música: an exposition that linked my art and my love for music

Everything started one day when I was scrolling down my WhatsApp chats, myself being curious about people's pictures and wanting to see if someone had recently changed them. It was then that I saw Nina's name on the screen, and it occurred to me to send her a message telling her that I was painting a lot and that maybe she would want to have some of my art in her academy for people to see.

Nina and the voice

Going back a little, I have known Nina for a long time and she has always tried to help me with everything I asked. She believes that we need to help each other so we can all achieve our dreams, and I couldn't agree more with her. Nina has a music academy in my hometown, Nina Academia, where she and her team teach many people how to use their voices as they want. 

Years ago (again, I'll ask you to visit this page to know more about my life), I used to sing. Okay, not to brag, I was quite good. Well, not that much. I will just say it didn't hurt to hear me sing a little bit. I sang in a choir in Barcelona and took some musical theatre courses. Also, I was taking classes with one of Nina's team members: Elena. But, after what I explained here, I was not able to do it anymore. But not only this: I couldn't even use my voice to talk. 

So I went back to Nina Academia, not to learn how to use my voice to sing, but to learn how to use it to speak. I won't say much more about that, only that I learned how to talk again. And I talk a lot now. If you are interested in this process, Nina wrote years ago this post about it. Also, I am attaching here a podcast episode where you can hear about it.

So, after all that time, I decided to reach back to Nina. And, as always, she was more than ready to help me.

The exposition

So, on April 6th, I woke up happy to show what I had been working on, trying to make the best of my rehabilitation time. 

We had set everything up two days ago: the paintings and the beautiful exhibidors my boyfriend had built next to my father.

But when we arrived that morning the room was already set with many chairs and people were rehearsing the songs they were going to sing. The exhibition was not only a showroom for my art but also a concert where people would enjoy the music. My paintings, matching this music theme, were all dedicated to some of my favorite music artists.

Here, I leave some pictures of the paintings I presented:

My thank you to everyone

As I said, I was not able to say back then what that meant to me. I will not talk about the event, I will only say that it was emotional and beautiful and that you had to be there to fully understand what it signified. 

Thank you to all the artist who came that day to share their talent with everyone and for being there to help me accompany my work of their music.

Thank you to everyone who came, deciding to share their precious Saturday morning with us and our dreams. And a particular thank you to those who came intentionally even when you were far away.

Thank you to Ame Soler, Tres Voltes Rebel, for coming from Valencia and giving me that not-at-all-expected surprise that brought me to the edge of tears even when I had promised not to. And also, I want to thank her for the awesome super-usefull present she brought me.

Thank you to Carlos, my boyfriend, and to all my family that was with me not only that day but the previous ones, helping me to set everything ready.

And finally, thank you to Nina and all her team for making it all possible.

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